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Rubber Washer Masking Plug
EPDM Rubber Washer Plugs

KMFP–Product Media

EPDM Washer Plugs EPDM Rubber Stopper with Washer Rubber Washer Plugs Rubber Washer plugs EPDM Washers Rubber Washer Masking Plug EPDM Rubber Plug for Powder Coating EPDM Tapered Masking Plugs

EPDM Washer Plugs (KMFP)

MOCAP EPDM rubber washer plugs fit and protect threaded and non-threaded holes while the flange masks the area around the holes. Rubber EPDM plugs are chemical resistant and good up to 300°F(149°C) and can be re-used in many applications.

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