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Flexible Plastic Mesh Netting
Protective Netting

MCN–Product Media

Protective Netting Protective Mesh Packaging Sleeves Heavy Duty Flexible Mesh Sleeving Plastic Netting Sleeves Protective Mesh Netting Flexible Plastic Mesh Netting Protective Plastic Netting Protective Flexible Mesh Netting Plastic Protective Netting Protective Netting

Protective Netting (MCN)

MOCAP LDPE Plastic Netting is ideal for product protection and separation of products in all process, handling, shipping and storage applications. The diamond shape open mesh eliminates trapping of moisture, thus protecting against rust and corrosion. Protective plastic netting is flexible enough to stretch over irregular shapes and is stocked in a wide range of sizes. MOCAP plastic netting delivers superior conforming protection for all of your shipping and handling needs.

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